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ARX - Augmented Reality World

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Utvecklare: irakli kashibadze

ARX - is a Augmented Reality Operator that lets you interact with Augmented Reality World. Through ARX browser you will get access to a lots of interesting AR services like ARX Messaging, Travel, Ads, Games and others.

In 1.1.6 version we added whole new features, we added new marker less feature and now users are able to see 3d models, videos and some other things without markers.
Beside markerless functionality we added GPS features in app, now users can see nearest objects for example restaurants, buildings, shops and many more.

For better navigation in app, we implemented right side panel, now users can easily see applications in ARX and navigate, also this panel uses GPS features and shows user nearest places.

now users can use ARX low functionality bot, this bot has guide role in this app, also it gives advises what kind of applications are best in ARX.

For now, features of this application is created for the local market(Georgia), we have only implemented Georgian locations for this moment, but we will add world wide GPS locations in next updates